3 Secrets of Wedding Makeup

Getting ready for the big day! And now it’s time to choose a makeup artist and make an appointment.

I’ve had my sister and 2 best friends get married wearing my makeup and I’ve been a makeup consultant at over 40 weddings since. Here are 3 things this experience has taught me that I think you should know too.

1. Don’t try to get the exact same makeup you saw in a magazine

In my experience, this has been a reason for tons of failures. That’s because the woman in the magazine doesn’t have your hair, your dress, and most definitely she doesn’t have your face shape and features.

Instead, pin all the options you love on a Pinterest board or in an old-fashioned scrapbook. Take it to your makeup artist and find the perfect solution for your face, body, and style together. This takes us to #2.

2. Never skip the pre-wedding trial run

If you think it’s unimportant and you’re just wasting your money, I’m sorry to tell you this is not the case.

We all want the big day to be perfect. We know it won’t be perfect anyway but the least we can do is try. A pre-wedding hair and makeup trial is a way to foresee tons of potential mistakes and avoid them.

First of all, you’ll see how this particular makeup fits your own and very unique face.

Second of all, you’ll know how it feels to wear it for an entire day, whether it’s too heavy or just fine.

And this leads us to the third point: does your makeup survive till night? Make sure to eat and drink all you can on the trial day, as well as hug and kiss all the time. You need some bulletproof makeup, and that’s no joke!

3. Try to hide that you’re the bride

Artists overcharge for wedding makeup all the time and that’s not fair. I’ve seen over 150% of increased price just for the word bride. Unless you know your makeup artist very well, don’t tell them that it’s for your own wedding.

Go to the trial with your Pinterest board as if you want it for a different special occasion or you’re going to a wedding as a guest on the trial day. Then, if you like it, make another appointment for the big day and clarify how much you’re going to pay.

Show up in your dress and stay confident. If nothing would’ve changed, you didn’t need to tell anything about your webbing.

How Practicing the Catwalk Helps You in Life

Runway models to the catwalk for a living, and practicing all the time makes sense. But why should you practice the catwalk as well when it doesn’t pay you?

Here are the 4 reasons why I do it.

1. Improve your posture

I once saw in a movie (was it The Princess Diaries? I’m not sure) how a grandmother was teaching her granddaughter to walk with a book on her head to keep her back straight. I wish my grandma was like that. It took me years to get slouching completely out of my system. Now I regularly practice the catwalk to keep my posture perfect.

2. Stay confident and sexy

When doing the catwalk, I can’t help myself feeling like a superstar on a runway. There was a study proving how a good posture and a neat walk make you look about 30% more appealing. And here’s the best part: you look better to yourself, too. I’m not sure how it works, but basically, you start treating yourself as a much more valuable person.

3. Nail those heels

Seriously, how do you walk like a regular next-door girl in high heels? You’re at the bottom, woman! Act accordingly. A regular walk makes your outfit look cheaper, so you should think about giving yourself the touch of a runway model.

These are my top reasons, but you might have yours. Maybe, after all, you aspire to become a top model. So start practicing today!