How to Determine Your Skin Type

Skin experts divide skin types into these 5 categories: normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Mine is combination, and I’ve been using all my skin products accordingly since I was 13.

I’ll take you through a simple 10-minute trick to find out what type is yours. All you need is a paper tissue and a bit of patience.

Step 1. If the tissue has multiple layers, separate them; we only need 1.

Step 2. Wash your face and don’t apply makeup for a few hours so that it returns to its natural state.

Step 3. Apply the thin layer on the tissue to your face and tap all over it with your fingers so the tissue sticks. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

Step 4. Take off the tissue and look for oil stains. Here’s what they indicate.

If oil stains cover more than 50% of the tissue, then you have oily skin.

If you can hardly find any oil marks, it means you’ve got dry skin.

If there’s a T-shaped stain from where the tissue touched your forehead and nose, your skin is either normal or combination.

And if in addition to any of these, you’ve got any reaction on your skin, such as red/pink spots from the tissue, then we’re dealing with sensitive skin.

Check for the skin type every time you’re buying a new product!

Time to Play Dress-Up!

I don’t have my own kids (yet?) but I have 2 adorable nieces and a sweel tiny nephew. I watch the little girls once a week, and the boy will be joining us soon as he grows up. Now, all we do during the one day we have together is play dress-up. Here’s why.

When I first decided I’ll play dress-up with the girls, I did expect them to get excited. But it never had occurred to me that this could become a weekly thing, and a favorite one! I thought they would get tired after 3-4 dress-up days at most, but this just isn’t what happened. Instead, they changed the way I looked at this game.

I, like every other fashionista, have a very large, yet a limited wardrobe. But the great thing about playing dress-up is how we manage to reimagine every single piece of garment.

Have you seen those DIY videos where an old shirt turns into a super trendy new dress without a single cut or stitch? Well, that’s nothing compared to what my little nieces’ imagination creates.

After 14 months of dress-up with only one week missed due to me getting cold and not wanting to expose my nices, I came to believe that big brand name designers with the most original ideas for their collections just play dress-up with kids for inspiration.

These tiny creatures create combinations that no adult would think of. Yet, those turn out incredibly beautiful!

I’ve now taught myself to think like a literal child. And now it turns out that my cheetah print leggings go perfectly with my rose gold top. This is something I would never dare try on before. I would be afraid it would look super cheap. But do you know how it actually looks? Bold, extravagant, and plain gorgeous. I just had to pick the right cheetah print with the top of the right fabric.

Today, I dare you to wake up your inner child and play dress-up. You won’t believe how it’s going to turn out.